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Tuesday, March 9 @ 2:15 PM ET

Digital Gold

Hear from two construction data mavens about how contractors of every size can extract knowledge from building information models, schedules and procurement schemes to better understand what is most critical and actionable. They can then take early steps to mitigate design issues, reduce risk and improve quality and safety. Jit Kee Chin from Suffolk will give specific examples of what its teams are learning about capturing and organizing data to empower predictive analytics for safety and quality improvements. Also hear from Gokce Ozcelik, of Sanveo, who will describe how the intersection of BIM, cloud technology and supply chain principles can be used to generate accurate and comprehensive bills-of-materials (BOMs) that streamline procurement, tracking, and prefabrication workflows to yield substantial productivity gains and cost savings.

Steve Jones, Senior Director, Industry Insights Research, Dodge Data & Analytics

Jit Kee Chin, Chief Data and Innovation Officer, Executive Vice President, Suffolk Construction
Gokce Ozcelik, Ph.D., BIM Engineer, Sanveo

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