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Thursday, March 11 @ 2:15 PM ET

Aligning IT and Operations for the Post-Covid-19 Future

As some organizations struggled to deploy a remote workforce during 2020s raging storms of disruptions, others did not miss a beat. Why? In the session we will hear from McCownGordon Construction executives who say the difference comes from the successful integration of IT with construction operations, and will explain how it is done. And then Nirva Fereshetian, Chief Information Officer at CBT Architects, will throw the discussion forward to opportunities now arising as work-from-home strategies are blended back into in-office operations. She says, “this is an opportunity to refocus digital strategies and move to future proofing that accelerates and builds on the digital momentum we have gained” [and] emerge from the COVID-19 outbreak stronger than ever. And finally, we will hear from the Burger Consulting Group, which advises on construction IT, about a framework for evaluating processes for inefficiencies or effectiveness, before seeking out and applying technologies to align them with need.

Christian Burger, President, Burger Consulting Group

Steve Levy, Senior Vice President - Construction Operations, McCownGordon Construction
Nirva Fereshetian, Chief Information Officer, CBT Architects

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