The preliminary results from our annual survey of the 2021 Top Specialty Contractors across the Mountain States region are in and we wanted to share the names of some of the top firms, based on 2020 fiscal-year revenues, in non-ranked, random order.

The top 15 specialty firms across the region for this year, so far, include:

McAlvain Concrete Inc., Cache Valley Electric Co., Power Design, MasTec Inc., Encore Electric Inc., Sure Steel Inc., MTech Mechanical, SME Steel Contractors Inc., Taylor Electric Inc., RK Industries, Murphy Co., Sloan Security Group Inc., Faith Technologies, Ward Electric Co. Inc. and Earth Services & Abatement.

This year’s top list can change as we continue research for the rankings.

As always, the full list of rankings will appear in the December issue of ENR Mountain States. The list is based on self-reported revenues from firms who completed our online survey.

If your firm would like to participate and possibly be ranked in the future, please email me and we’ll get you on our list of contacts for next year.