ENR Mountain States is nearly complete with research for our annual top design firms lists. The lists are based on 2020 revenues for work done within the Mountain States region (Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and the Dakotas), as reported to us by the firms themselves.

Even though we are still in the process of compiling the final lists, we wanted to share the early results with our readers to give you a taste of what’s to come in the June issue of the magazine.

The good news is that despite the pandemic, design revenues remained mostly steady across the region in 2020, although the full impact of the pandemic on future design and construction remains uncertain.

Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s top design firms. If you don’t see your firm’s name here and want to be included on this year’s list, see the links to our free online surveys below.

The 20 top design firms (engineers and architects together) as of March 16 in Colorado, Wyoming and the Dakotas, based on 2020 revenues, (in random, not ranked order) are: David Evans Enterprises Inc., Merrick & Co., Stanley Consultants, Dewberry, Burns & McDonnell, Alfred Benesch & Co., Stantec, JLG Architects, Carollo Engineers, Kleinfelder, Terracon Consultants, WSP USA, DLR Group, RS&H Inc., Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers and Architects, Martin/Martin Inc., IMEG Corp., Atwell LLC, SWCA Environmental Consultants, Felsburg Holt & Ullevig.

In the Intermountain area (Utah, Idaho and Montana), as of March 16, the 20 design firms reporting the highest revenues for 2020 (again, in random order only) are: Carollo Engineers Inc., Woodward & Curran, Psomas, FFKR Architects, Cushing Terrell (formerly CTA Architects Engineers), Electrical Consultants Inc., Think Architecture Inc., Stantec, Parametrix, SWCA Environmental Consultants, Michael Baker International, Atwell LLC, Terracon Consultants Inc., Raba Kistner Inc., CRSA Inc., Stanley Consultants, Burns & McDonnell, Sunrise Engineering, Method Studio, WSP USA.

These designers are the most likely ones to make our final cut on both lists, but note that neither list is final. Our research continues. Other firms will be added, and some of these may drop out of the top 20.

There’s still time to complete the Top Design surveys until the extended due date of March 29. Just go to the links below to participate. It’s a free editorial service of ENR.

Survey #1 is for design firms located in Colorado, Wyoming and the Dakotas (click here) and Survey #2 for the Intermountain area, design firms in Utah, Montana and Idaho, (click here). The surveys remain open until March 29.

The complete, ranked lists will appear in the June issue of ENR Mountain States magazine.

Our top designers issue also will include more specialized lists of the top firms in the region ranked by the amount of sector-specific and green work they have done in the region in the past year.