I am sure most of you have heard about Twitter and the “tweeting” occurring nationwide. The social-networking site is giving people everywhere the chance to share (or, in some case, over-share) their daily comings and goings—all in no more than 140 characters. And though it is being promoted as the latest in “social” media networking, its functionality for business purposes has sparked our interest.

Mountain States Construction recently opened a Twitter account, has posted some updates and is looking for a few good and loyal “followers.”

We will use our Twitter page (mtnstatesconstr) as a news feed. In other words, we’ll deliver “tweets” about the latest news stories and other items hitting the Web that are relevant to the regional construction and design industry, specifically in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming.

If you check out the magazine’s Twitter page, you'll see the news items we’ve posted recently and get a pretty good idea of the types of things we're tweeting about. Basically, they’re relevant news items about construction and design. We won’t be updating you on the editors’ whereabouts, sharing what we ate for lunch or informing you of any catnaps taken in the middle of the day.

Currently, we are updated our Twitter page on a twice-weekly basis, often with multiple updates. We won’t just tweet about items already on the Mountain States Construction Website, we’re also pointing out interesting articles from ENR.com, digital wire services and other media and association Websites. The common link is that these are items that we feel our readers might be interested in reading.

This is how it works: 1) Create an account on Twitter 
                               2) Start following us by clicking here on “Follow”
                               3) Our news updates will appear on your Twitter homepage
                               4) Check your homepage regularly for the latest news items about your industry.

That's it. We’d love to have all of you join all of us Twits here at Mountain States Construction. For free.