ENR Texas & Louisiana has named Baton Rouge-based electrical contractor The Newtron Group as its 2014 Specialty Contractor of the Year. Plentiful oil and natural gas opportunities in the region have helped fuel growth across the local construction scene, and for The Newtron Group.

The firm saw a nearly $100 million gain in regional revenue in 2013 over 2012, all attributed to opportunities in the firm’s Newtron Beaumont office and Triad Electric & Controls offices in Deer Park, Texas (Houston), Ingleside, Texas (Corpus Christi), Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, La. (
The Newtron Group is the parent company of two large companies that operate in Texas and Louisiana: Newtron Beaumont and Triad Electric & Controls.)

Each of the companies under The Newtron Group take the approach of accepting what the market offers, rather than approaching each year with a revenue goal. Instead, the company hopes to maximize its resources to be as efficient as it can be.

The past year for The Newtron Group was largely characterized by solid opportunities in just the right places, and the firm maximized those chances by carefully selecting the right ones across the refining, chemical and petro chemical industries.

On the safety front, The Newtron Group was able to improve some key safety statistics while its revenue was heading steadily upward. Its EMR is now the lowest in company history (0.43), down from a 0.57 in the 2013 fiscal year. The firm was also honored with the 2013 Hal G. Ginn Safety Excellence Award (GBRIA) and the 2013 ISTC Roy Comeaux Award for Safety Training Excellence.

The Newtron Group and its companies also stay active in their local communities through involvement with The United Way, Junior Achievement, AMIkids along with other organizations. The Newton B. Thomas Family/Newtron Group Donor Advised Fund of The Baton Rouge Area Foundation makes charitable contributions as well to various non-profit organizations in local communities.

Be sure to read more about The Newtron Group’s successes in the October 13 issue of ENR Texas & Louisiana.