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Jason Spangler with Wagner Meters demonstrates use of the Rapid RH 4.0 EX.

Wagner Meters is launching its latest product for concrete RH testing today at World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

This fourth iteration of the Rapid RH product, called the Rapid RH 4.0 EX, is designed to help protect data integrity and ease verified reporting for concrete and flooring professionals. It's paired with the the DataMaster, a compact, handheld device that combines touch-screen capabilities with wireless technology to avoid the errors of manual record keeping and reporting.

Sales of the product also begin today.

“The biggest changes [were made] because in 2011, the ASTM standard [F2170-11] changed to tighten specs on types of relative humidity devices,” Jason Spangler with Wagner Meters explained at the company's morning press conference.

The new sensor is housed in a protective sleeve and will measure moisture at a depth of 40% in a concrete slab, giving users the ability to better predict what the relative humidity of the concrete will be once flooring is installed overtop.

“People really wanted to have ability to generate more of a computerized report and the ability to have it so when they did that type of testing, the data could be in no way manipulated,” Spangler says.

blog post photo
The Rapid RH 4.0 EX is shown here embedded in a sample of concrete on the right, along with the handheld reader in the center, and the testing device on the left.

The new sensor will send readings to the handheld DataMaster, showing among other things relative humidity and temperature, and tells the user how many readings have been taken and allows for calculating ambient temperature, he further explained.

“When contractors upload this information to Wagner Meters’ website,, it allow them to generate a report, take readings, cull through database and make sure that the two year certificate of calibration is still in effect, so when it kicks out a report, it will show that the readings are certified,” Spangler says. “It’s really the only type of sensor out there where you can have 100% credibility that what you did was 100% to ASTM standard. Our data points are almost exactly what ASTM requires.”

The Rapid RH DataMaster has also been nominated for the Most Innovative Product (MIP) for 2013.