As part of ENR’s annual Best Projects competition, this year we’ve added a new award for outstanding safety. ENR Texas & Louisiana is singling out one project and recognizing it for its outstanding safety record and job-site procedures. Although safety is a factor in each one of our other categories, this particular award truly emphasizes the importance of safety.

For ENR Texas & Louisiana’s “Best Safety” award, our judges have selected the Marine Corps Support Facility project. The project, submitted by Woodward Design+Build, was also named best project in the “Government/Public Buildings” category.

For the safety award, we implemented a separate judging process from the regular competition. First, any project could vie for the safety award, in addition to recognition in a standard construction category. Entries were then ranked according to their job-site safety records, and then the 20 projects with the best safety stats were given to our safety judges for review.

Our safety judges also selected two projects to receive safety awards of merit, the University of Medical Center of El Paso project, submitted by Robins and Morton, and the Blue Plate Artist Lofts project, submitted by Woodward Design+Build.

ENR Texas & Louisiana will feature more about these projects, along with our other Best Projects winners in the December 10 print edition. Our safety winners will also be highlighted at the Texas & Louisiana Best Projects Luncheon in Dallas this December.