Three people lost their lives in two unrelated natural-gas explosions this week in Texas. An Associated Press brief recaps the events in an article published today. The oil-related fatalities are a somber reminder once again of the lives lost in the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

On Monday, June 7, two workers were killed and several injured when an electrical contractor clipped an underground line, which caused the explosion, The contractor was following protocol for locating gas lines, The Dallas Morning News reports. The explosion produced a fire in Johnson County, southwest of Fort Worth, that could be seen for miles.

Cable and local news channels aired footage like the clip below of what an AP article described as "a large, orange fireball burning near a charred vehicle and construction equipment."

A friend posted the below photo on Facebook, taken from his parents' nearby home on Monday. 

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Photo: Courtesy Barry Hobbs

A second blast on Tuesday, June 8, occurred in the Texas Panhandle, northeast of Lubbock, and involved a crew working for a dirt-contracting company that was removing caliche. A bulldozer struck a pipeline, the AP reported, causing the explosion that killed two people and injured several others.

The tragic oil-related disasters recall the 11 workers killed in the Gulf Coast on the Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20. In exclusive episodes on CNN this week, Anderson Cooper interviewed a group survivors of that catastrophe. They revealed events leading up to the explosion, and recalled doubts they had about BP leadership and judgment. One survivor recalled the chaos to board lifeboats as like "almost waiting to die."

Meanwhile, investigations are under way into the two current explosions.