Will it be a big boom or a cheesy ending?

Either way, the Texas Stadium in Irving, where the Dallas Cowboys played football for nearly four decades, will come down Sunday in what's been dubbed a "Cheddar Explosion" since Kraft bought naming rights to the much-anticipated implosion from the city of Irving late last year.

To read more about the old and new Cowboys stadium, and watch a live video feed of crews as they prepare for the implosion, scheduled for Sunday, April 11 at 7 a.m.,
click here for a Web-only news brief on the event in Texas Construction.

While we watch the site in anticipation of the implosion, feel free to tell us a few things.

To start, what's your favorite memory from Texas Stadium?
Any thoughts, reactions to the naming rights of an event such as a demolition?
What do you think of the Jerry Jones' new home for his team?