I'm pleased to announce that ENR's Tudor Van Hampton is taking on the assignment of leading our monthly digital coverage of global projects, news and events. Below, he shares his plans in my blog space.

Van Hampton: Thanks, Jan. Readers, you have told us time and time again that you want news covering your industry locally and globally. 

We brought you our new regional editions in 2011, and we will deliver a special package of global news for 2012.

As the leading magazine covering the construction industry, ENR has always brought you industry news from around the world. But in 2012, we will expand our international coverage in 12 electronic editions available exclusively at ENR.com.

We have set aside one week of every month for our special global editions, which will be delivered to you in electronic format. 

Our first edition of the year, January 2, has a packed lineup, such as a list and slideshow of the top 10 longest cable stayed bridges in the world, brought to you by ENR editors Aileen Cho and Scott Lewis. 

Longtime ENR special correspondent Peter Reina traveled to Kosovo to cover a superhighway that Bechtel is building there. 

We also bring you news from BrazilAfricaChina, the Middle East and other far-flung places where construction and infrastructure work is taking center stage.

Global Insider Newsletter

In addition to this online content, ENR subscribers will automatically receive a special edition of the ENR Global Insider, starting this Thursday (December 29) and running every month in advance of our global editions. 

In this electronic newsletter we will update you on the latest international construction news available at ENR.com, including multimedia features such as blogs, videos and slideshows. If you don't already receive them, you can sign up for this and other ENR newsletters here.

We hope these global editions will satisfy your hunger for construction news across the globe. If you have ideas of stories you'd like to see covered or other suggestions, feel free to drop me an email at tudor_vanhampton@mcgraw-hill.com or message me on Twitter at @Doctordiesel.