The editors at McGraw-Hill Construction want your help to identify the future leaders of the A/E/C industry and those who currently excel in their careers. Help us to learn and know about them and who they are. You are the experts. That is why we are calling on you to tell us who you consider the best and brightest of the many rising stars in the industry.
Here’s the process: The McGraw-Hill Construction Regional Publications are accepting nominations for the Top 20 industry leaders, or future leaders, who will be under the age of 40 as of Oct. 29. The winners will appear in an early 2011 edition of California Construction magazine.

The Top 20 Under 40 asks you, as A/E/C industry representatives, to tell us who best represents the most promising, outstanding and most likely to succeed in their respective fields. We are taking nominations for these individuals in architecture, engineering and construction who work in California.

Nominating is easy. This form, which is linkable from our home page, requires careful consideration, certainly, but should not prove overly time-consuming.
 What makes an individual a Top 20? Any number of reasons: contribution to major projects; innovation in process or leadership; achievement of or toward industry-related certifications; and so on.

If you’ve worked with one or more such individuals, or they work for you, even if you only know of them through the grapevine, we ask that you start by filling out our nomination form and let us know who they are. All submissions will be reviewed by an independent panel of industry experts who will, ultimately, select the Top 20.

Remember, the deadline to nominate is Oct. 29, so don’t delay. Let us know who you feel are the brightest and best young professional achievers in The Golden State.