Eric Cylwik is the Modeling Engineer for Sundt Construction’s Heavy Civil division. Before working exclusively for the heavy civil division, Eric focused on adapting BIMs from the office to the field for Sundt’s building and concrete divisions. This included creating fabrication quality BIMs, coordinating projects, and developing a process to send layout information directly to survey equipment. He now focuses on creating VDC models that highlight technology’s capability to enhance the way construction is performed in the field for horizontal construction. Focusing on infrastructure construction modeling, he has been able to leverage intelligent parametric modeling to create construction-quality bridge, road, and trench models that are used for survey surfaces, machine control, quantity take offs, utility coordination, constructability reviews, and visualizations. He is a certified professional in several vertical and horizontal VDC/BIM software packages.

Cylwik also is a member of the “Site Information Modeling Advisory Committee” for the United States Army Core of Engineers drafting contract language for horizontal VDC on USACE projects.

Kevin Dwyer is Senior Claims Coordinator at Sundt Construction, Inc.  He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado in Boulder and an associate degree in Business Computer Information Systems from Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado.  In addition, he has completed classes at the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University and passed the LEED AP examination.  In November, 2009, he coordinated a presentation at Greenbuild 2009 entitled, “Walking the Talk: An Examination of Sustainability in Design, Construction and Urban Development Relating to Light Rail.”  He has a long-standing interest in modeling real world problems and, in December, 2011, completed a graduate class at Arizona State University in complexity science in which he created an agent-based model that analyzed path dependence in transportation infrastructure.