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Worker injuries and accidents remain a significant challenge in the construction industry. Such incidents can lead to substantial costs for businesses and individuals, including medical expenses, workers' compensation claims, and legal fees. Additionally, injuries and accidents can lead to downtime on job sites, which can cause delays and further expenses. In fact, according to the 2022 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index1, severe workplace injuries resulting in more than five missed work days cost the U.S. construction industry more than $11.3 billion dollars in 2019. Source:WSI-1002_2022.pdf (

 Fortunately, hiring an independent safety consultant can help mitigate these risks. Safety consultants are experts in identifying potential hazards and providing recommendations to improve safety measures. By working closely with commercial and institutional general contractors and subcontractors, safety consultants can help optimize safety efforts, leading to fewer injuries, less downtime, reduced costs, and increased efficiency.

 With so many safety consultants available in the market, it may be challenging to choose the individuals who will support your safety goals and build a strong safety culture for your team. To ensure that you select the best safety consultant for your construction business, several factors must be taken into consideration. If you're interested in learning about the four essential keys to keep in mind when hiring a safety consultant, we invite you to download the white paper.