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Saulsbury Industries is a full-service provider of engineering, procurement, and construction solutions for clients in the energy and heavy industrial sectors. Since its inception in 1994, the company has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality and safe projects across eight U.S. states. Saulsbury's success hinges on the efficient management of its physical assets, which was a significant challenge for the company in the past. Fortunately, with the implementation of ToolWatch in 2014, Saulsbury overcame its asset management difficulties and transformed its operations across field, warehouse, and back-office teams.

 Before adopting ToolWatch, Saulsbury's asset management relied heavily on manual, paper-based processes that often led to inaccuracies and unacceptable amounts of lost time and assets. For example, field workers waited up to 60 minutes each day to pick up tools, costing the company valuable time and money. To address this problem and streamline its asset management operations, Saulsbury sought a solution that could provide asset tracking and management capabilities while creating accountability among field teams and reducing duplicity in stock levels.

 ToolWatch was the perfect solution for Saulsbury's needs, as it seamlessly integrated with the company's existing Viewpoint Spectrum construction ERP and Geotab telematics integration for its fleet. With ToolWatch, Saulsbury eliminated all paper-based processes, digitized its asset operations, and empowered its team members to access real-time data to make better-informed decisions. This resulted in significant time savings and efficiency improvements, including reducing jobsite tool room wait times by approximately 90%.

 In addition, ToolWatch's integration with Geotab provided accurate GPS tracking information that enables Saulsbury to locate high-value assets quickly and easily. Saulsbury's warehouse team went a step further by installing a 50-inch TV monitor displaying Excel spreadsheets automated by ToolWatch pick tickets and Viewpoint Spectrum integration. The screen updates every 60 seconds, providing the warehouse staff with the most current pick tickets and fleet status information. The system works similarly to airport arrival and departure screens, making it easy to track and manage assets.

construction workers and girders

 The results of Saulsbury's adoption of ToolWatch have been remarkable. By keeping its critical information accurate and up-to-date, Saulsbury's warehouse management can organize inventory, complete pick tickets accurately, and prepare deliveries efficiently. The company has transformed its asset management operations, resulting in significant cost savings and improved productivity.

 In conclusion, Saulsbury's experience with ToolWatch underscores the importance of holistic construction asset management in achieving competitive advantage in the engineering and construction industry. By investing in a comprehensive asset management solution like ToolWatch, companies like Saulsbury can streamline their operations, eliminate inefficiencies, and achieve better business outcomes.

 Thank you for taking the time to read about Saulsbury's successful deployment of ToolWatch for holistic construction asset management. If you are interested in learning more about the challenges Saulsbury faced, the solution they implemented, and the impressive results they achieved, we encourage you to view the full case study here. Discover how ToolWatch can help your organization streamline operations, increase productivity, and boost profits with efficient construction asset management.