ToolWatch Cloud delivers the easiest to use, most accessible, and most powerful version of ToolWatch ever built. ToolWatch Cloud delivers a device agnostic product to unite field, back-office, and warehouse teams on a single platform that integrates construction operations to deliver new levels of insight, efficiency, and productivity.     

    The new features included with the cloud update are the ToolWatch app now being accessible via any internet enabled device across mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Across the different platforms the inventory management capabilities of ToolWatch have been expanded for a better user experience and easierContent Provided By-ToolWatch movement of tools and equipment between warehouse and field teams. Spanish language support has been added to allow for improved communication across teams that are required to function across language barriers that are very common in the construction industry. 

New in ToolWatch Cloud

  • Accessible via any device
  • Consumer-like product experience
  • New and improved inventory management capabilities
  • Spanish language support
  • And more!

We recently hosted a webinar where we discussed how ToolWatch Cloud helps constructions companies streamline the operations. If you would like to watch that webinar the recording is linked below. Within the webinar ToolWatch employees and product experts went into detail demonstrating the specific product improvements with live examples and attendees asking questions. 

Watch the Webinar now by using the recording password: 0j3Z.1Zc

If you’d like to hear more about how ToolWatch can help your company streamline operations across field, warehouse, and back-office teams. Reserve time with one of our product experts for a free product demo to see how ToolWatch can help your business lower expenses, increase productivity, and operate at peak profitability.  

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