Bluetooth technology has been in use since 1999, primarily as a hands-free, wireless communication. Today, over 20 years later, the technology is coming into widespread use in the construction industry as asset tracking solutions and inventory management systems become powered by Internet of Things (IoT)1 technologies. With recent advances to Bluetooth technology the practical applications of this technology have expanded to include solutions of immense importance to construction operations. Content Provided By-ToolWatch


Those expanded BLE capabilities are already transforming the construction industry’s ability to operate efficiently and profitably, integrating with or in some cases supplanting earlier technologies like barcodes, RFID, and GPS. The new capabilities unlocked by BLE have broad and significant impacts on how construction companies operate. BLE technology if properly utilized can radically improve operational efficiency and project profitability. BLE enables the automation of mundane tasks, improves project visibility and accuracy, and drives project efficiency; it is one aspect of the new, technology-enabled era of increased productivity for the construction industry.  To learn how BLE technology is changing construction and perhaps your business read our whitepaper below. 

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