The expansive wave-shaped skylight erected over what was formerly the mail sorting room of New York’s historic James A. Farley Post Office was perhaps the single most eye-catching feature of this $1.6 billion renovation. It was also one of the more challenging aspects of the project.

PERI Infocenter

Spanned by massive steel trusses from the original 1913 structure, the 250,000-square-foot Moynihan Train Hall was converted into a skylit courtyard that offers destination shopping and dining, a much-needed expansion of facilities connecting to Penn Station.

Aware of its industry-leading flexibility, the scaffolding contractor selected the PERI UP Rosett Flex scaffolding system to provide access for crews installing glazing and caulking in the skylight’s undulating steel framework, which at some points was 92 feet above the concourse below.


PERI’s Solution

In addition to its flexibility, the PERI UP system offers fast assembly and a high degree of worker safety. Because the standard modular components of the PERI UP system come in a variety of standard widths and lengths, adjustments can be made to suit site conditions that previously were available only by using tube and couplers. In addition, the PERI UP gravity lock system speeds and simplifies scaffolding erection.

PERI also supplied a system for this project that was installed above the actual skylight to provide climate control while crews caulked the new glazing. The temporary enclosure provided protection from the elements and allowed the area to be heated as caulking materials were installed and while they cured.