In this era of web-based everything, communication and connectivity are more important than ever to your business. Establishing more efficient internal operations and processes with technology has many benefits, but none more so than enhanced communication enterprise-wide — syncing the field, warehouse and back-office teams, enterprise platforms, financial and accounting software, asset and inventory management systems, and ultimately, the entire organization.

ToolWatch Infocenter

ToolWatch helps construction companies improve productivity by enhancing connectivity between departments, individuals, equipment, and systems. And although our product is a 21st-century tool and operations management platform for the construction industry, ultimately what we provide is better communication — communication between and within the field, warehouse and back-office teams, warehouse, job sites, enterprise platforms, financial and accounting software, and of course, connectivity throughout the entire organization.

With increasingly spread out operations, connectivity in the construction industry means instantaneous communication with your job sites, warehouses, and the back office. It means your warehouse knows what equipment is in the field and where it goes next. It means your site supervisor can quickly access a list of employees on the job site and what tools they’ve checked out. It means your planning and forecasting department can draw on real-time data to generate next year’s revenue projections. And for executives, connectivity gives you a comprehensive picture of your company’s operations to guide your strategic decisions.

Connectivity also means integration with other platforms. For example, ToolWatch integrates seamlessly with numerous ERP and accounting systems, including Viewpoint Vista & Spectrum, Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor, eCMS, Intacct and CMiC, as well as construction software systems like Procore, to deliver a better product experience to our customers. Integrating with top industry platforms allows your company to increase productivity, reduce risk and accelerate growth. The ability to consistently manage your company’s financials, projects, resources, and assets — all from a single place — provides your leadership team with accurate, real-time data at any time.

Connectivity keeps your office and field teams informed, more productive, and more accurate. All the data they need resides in the cloud and is easily accessed from desktop software and mobile apps, with reports, graphics, and dashboards to make visualization a snap.

ToolWatch is committed to continuously improving our tool, equipment, and materials management platform that connects the field, warehouse, and back-office teams. Easy to use and delivered through a powerful, flexible platform, ToolWatch helps companies run their businesses more cost-effectively and more profitably by increasing field productivity through improved operations. And our training programs and continuing support are legendary in the industry.

Every industry is facing a digital revolution. When it comes to the construction industry, are you going to hop on the train or let it go by?

By Jay Martin