2020 was a watershed year. We navigated uncharted territory with the Covid-19 pandemic, and had a major shift in the political landscape. AEC firms have had to make monumental changes to stay competitive, and in some cases, to simply survive. The last quarter of 2021 and into 2022, however, is shaping up to be better. Marked by relaxed Covid restrictions, new work-from-home trends, and an anticipated massive bipartisan infrastructure bill pumping billions of dollars into the AEC marketplace, things are looking up in the foreseeable future.

Unanet Infocenter

To help firms plan and strategize, Unanet conducted an AEC-focused benchmarking survey with enterprise market research firm KS&R. The AEC Inspire Report gathers information from companies doing business in the AEC market, specifically to help define how they are utilizing data (and the resultant KPIs) to improve operational efficiencies. We also wanted to understand the barriers/challenges that these firms face when tackling complicated business problems, so we can share ideas and solutions from our collective experience in this market.

AECs are a special breed. They are continually on alert to obtain new business, improve operational efficiencies, execute projects on-time and on-budget, and be innovative with new technologies. Many in the space are now keenly aware that using data to unlock growth and profitability can be a differentiator that helps achieve their goals. We hope the information in this report can serve as a useful guide to help navigate the unique challenges of this industry and drive future growth. Download the full AEC Inspire report here.


What’s Included in the Full AEC Research Report?

In the wake of an unprecedented 2020, a focus on growth is central to strategic planning for Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms. For leading companies, this growth will be realized in higher revenues and profit margins coupled with the adoption of key technologies for streamlining internal processes, improving proactive decision-making, and keeping overhead resources lean. But how will AEC Firms realize growth opportunities and stay a step ahead in a highly competitive landscape?

The answer is data. And Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms are beginning to understand the value of their most precious—but often underutilized—resource. The truth is that AEC firms are tracking information constantly, but how that information is used will determine success or failure. Data can be leveraged to make more informed decisions, measure and track key performance indicators (KPIs), or make more accurately forecast pipeline, budgets, project schedules, and resources—key ingredients for running business better.

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