Why Assess Professional Drivers?

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Professional driving is a challenging, and, at times, dangerous job. It requires hiring the right drivers based on a holistic view of candidate drivers. This insight requires more than can be derived from publicly-available motor vehicle records. Aon’s drivers suite targets competencies, abilities and behaviors that have been identified as important. Assessing drivers can help you:

  • Measure competencies, abilities and behaviors that predict the safe operation of trucks
  • Quickly and efficiently identify drivers most likely to be successful in the role
  • Improve business results, including delivery efficiency Assess abilities related to eco‑friendly driving


What Makes Aon’s Drivers Suite Stand Out?

  • Reduces your time‑to‑hire
  • Fun and engaging candidate experience with an intuitive interface and minimal time required of candidates (less than 25 minutes)
  • Fair assessments that are face valid and backed up by robust psychometrics
  • Customizable assessments to showcase your brand
  • Assessing Professional Drivers Leads to Measurable Outcomes
  • Adding assessments to the hiring and development process establishes a science-based foundation that supports hiring decisions. It also helps guide how to best develop hired candidates. Assessing talent results in tangible business impact.


Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

For assessing candidates for long and short haul driving projects, delivery and many other driving roles. Make data-driven talent decisions and ensure a positive candidate experience. How Aon’s drivers suite works:

  • Behavioral assessment – a science‑based assessment to predict safety‑oriented driving behavior, including impulse control and ethical awareness.
  • Multitasking capability – an assessment to measure the ability to perform multiple tasks under pressure, including critical driver capabilities, such as signal checking, basic mathematical calculation and error checking.
  • Sense of direction – an assessment gauges a candidate’s ability to orient a vehicle using directional guidance.
  • Ability to concentrate – a test that measures the ability to concentrate – a critical aspect of operating any vehicle safely.
  • Additional components that can be added:
  • Reaction speed – this assessment measures a candidate’s reaction speed, which is a critical capability in many driving contexts.
  • Spatial memory – this assessment assesses a candidate’s ability to memorize and recall critical driving information, such as where traffic signs appear.


Drivers Suite: Risk and Safety Selection and Development Reports

The selection report is easy and intuitive to read and provides information regarding the safety orientation and ability of candidates. It can be used to inform hiring decisions. The report also provides further insights into the subcomponents of safety orientation and abilities.

For drivers that have already been selected, the development report provides existing drivers with a benchmark of their safety orientation and helpful guidance to increase their safety orientation.


Predicting the Safety of Professional Drivers

Aon conducted a study with a private transport company who had been experiencing many accidents where the driver was to blame. A standard hiring process, including an application and interview – but no assessment – was used to recruit drivers.


Aon explored the relationship between our drivers’ assessment suite and driver performance. A safety score that was compiled from a combination of behavioral and cognitive ability assessments was created. This safety score was shown to predict lower accident rates at the transport company.


The assessments were a good indicator of accident probability:

  • 71% with a low safety score had been involved in an accident.
  • 38% with an average safety score had been involved in an accident.
  • Only 15% of those with a high safety score had been involved in an accident.