If you live in a city in North America, it probably doesn’t surprise you that the construction industry is a huge business. After all, is there ever a time when a skyline is complete without a crane…or ten?


Buildings are progressively constructed to be bigger, better, and more intricate than their predecessors. It would be fair to expect their project management tools to follow suit too—maximizing the value and output of the full construction crew. Surprisingly though, this isn’t the case in many construction companies. Project management processes from decades ago are still being relied on to complete new projects and close new business. Endless email strings and even paper-based projects still widely exist, limiting the visibility of important information and reducing the efficiency with every duplicate message required.

Taking steps to include software and applications in some projects can seem like the best place to start. But, when these processes are combined with traditional methods, there is still the risk of human error, outdated information and a lack of security.

So how can you ensure that your construction firm is maximizing the value and output of your full construction crew? Watch this short video, which introduces solutions to these challenges, to learn more!

Your firm needs a platform such as CMiC, one that will support all departments’ efforts to become more intentional and data-driven, and that will grow with the business as it ramps back up. To learn more about the CMiC platform and its suite of construction-focused modules, visit our resource center