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Implementing a Construction Software Platform Is Key to Operating More Profitably

No matter the size of your company, using a construction software platform can serve as a foundation for future growth and greater financial success. With unified back office and field capabilities, you can improve how you bid, plan, staff, run, monitor, and close out self-performing projects.

What Is a Construction Software Platform?

Essentially, this is a next-generation alternative to horizontal accounting and project management point solutions that have been available for many years. A platform delivers greater, unified functionality and, therefore, greater benefits to specialty contractors. By design, it’s built for their specific workflows, providing a complete range of sophisticated collaboration, monitoring, analytic, and reporting tools, all available on any device in any location. It delivers seamless integration of multiple processes—including job costing, contract development, resource planning, forecasting, productivity tracking & analysis, change order management, document management, compliance control, and customer management. In addition, a construction platform is modular in architecture and can be deployed and configured to match specific business objectives.

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In short, a robust construction platform can help specialty contractors optimize operations and maximize margins.

With that in mind, the idea of replacing traditional methods and legacy systems with a major digital upgrade may seem daunting. That’s why we developed this playbook: to help you explore and evaluate the benefits of capitalizing on advanced technology. The following pages list 12 reasons to invest in a construction-specific platform. We also included a checklist of action steps you can execute to move your company forward.

Your firm needs a platform such as CMiC, one that will support all departments’ efforts to become more intentional and data-driven, and that will grow with the business as it ramps back up. To learn more about the CMiC platform and its suite of construction-focused modules, visit our resource center.