In today’s world, generic one-size-fits-all tech solutions won’t cut it. AEC professionals need systems that are built specifically for their business, are simple to use and manage, and encourage collaboration. customer relationship management (CRM) is no different.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM stands for “customer relationship management.” In architecture, engineering and construction, it refers to cloud-based software that places important relationship, communication, lead and opportunity data at the fingertips of owners, business developers, sales teams and marketers.

The AEC industry revolves around trust and relationships. Clients often award high-cost, high-profile projects based on how well they know and trust a firm. Each communication touchpoint with a client can strengthen or weaken that trust. That’s why it’s crucial for client-facing staff to understand the full picture of their firm’s relationship with a client, including:

  • A complete client profile
  • Employees on the client’s team
  • Historical data that includes projects they’ve done with the client in the past
  • Similar projects completed that resemble the one they’re attempting to win
  • Opportunities chased with the client, and whether they were successful (client hit-rate)
  • How and when their firm communicates with the client, and what they’ve said
  • And much more

Despite the current economic downturn, architecture, engineering and construction businesses are thriving. With no drop in demand and a huge labor shortage, AEC firms can be more selective in choosing their clients and projects. With demand so high, how can AEC businesses ensure they go for and win the right projects and decline the ones that won’t be winners?

For most, it is a delicate balance between top-level profitability and breaking even. Knowing which projects to go after (and winning them) can increase profit margins, but it can also help avoid projects that exhaust resources. Chasing the wrong opportunities could prevent firms from going after more profitable opportunities—and could even slow growth for their business.

Innovative AEC firms can leverage historical project and supplier information via a CRM solution built specifically for architecture, engineering and construction firms. They can see which projects they are most likely to win, what drives continual and scalable success, and how to focus their team’s efforts to accelerate growth, increase profit margins and dominate the market. Putting this information at the fingertips of the marketing and business development teams also allows them to make go/no go decisions quickly, and then move on to the next opportunity. It’s digital transformation in action.

AEC business development and sales teams need to reconstruct, reengineer and reconsider their approach to generating proposals, winning business, making decisions and, ultimately, growing revenue.

Why struggle to adopt a generic CRM solution that no one will use when you can use a tool specifically engineered for your business?

Time and time again, the AEC industry recognizes the need for a single source of truth when managing pertinent business information. When it comes to customer relationship management, it’s important to have one place where all information can be seen, managed, and shared across company stakeholders.

AEC business developers and sales teams can win more work with a purpose-built CRM solution that provides:

  1. A Focus on Projects, Not Products
  2. A Simple, Intuitive User Experience
  3. The Right Insights, When You Need Them
  4. A Single Source of Truth
  5. An Integrated System

To learn more about winning business with an AEC-focused CRM, get the guide.