Photographer: Zachary Pelton, Project Engineer, McCarthy Building Cos.
Submitted By: Elisabeth Raczkovi, Marketing Coordinator, Houston Division, McCarthy Building Cos.

The Barbours Cut Container Terminal Wharf 3 rehabilitation is a $66-million project that consists of three parts: the upgrade of 1,000 ft of wharf; construction of 3,600 ft of underground duct bank; and demolition of a LASH (lighter aboard ship) dock.

“In this picture [taken in late January], we are predrilling a waterside drilled shaft and pouring a landside drilled shaft. The drilled shafts we are working on are anywhere from 3 feet to 4 feet in diameter and 105 feet to 175 feet deep,” explains Pelton. “In the back, we are working on an electrical duct bank as well as installing manhole and handholes.”

McCarthy Building Cos. began construction on the project in August 2019 for the Port of Houston. Work is expected to be complete in February 2021.

“Every week we try to take progress photos using a drone. Typically, we use software to stitch photos together, but for this picture it was just an isometric view,” Pelton says. “What I like best about this picture is that you can see the work being performed at Wharf 3, but you can also see Wharf 1 and 2, which are identical to what our finished product will be.”