Coronavirus has struck a heavy blow against the world economy as it forces countries into lockdown with "closed for business" signs, hollows out the tourism,  travel and hospitality sectors, turns out the lights on business gatherings and events, sends employees home to work and drives the stock market into a dizzying tumble.

ENR has collected below its ongoing reporting, analysis and commentary on construction sector developments, with updates as they occur. We are also seeking your questions and comments about the ongoing crisis.

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Latest Coverage

November 22, 2020

• California Emergency COVID-19 Rules Again Prompt Confusion

November 18, 2020

• AEC Firms Aid Virus Vaccine 'Warp Speed' Market Push

• Canada Construction Shows Post-COVID Resurgence, But Not Everywhere

November 16, 2020

• Study: During COVID's First Wave, 'Essential' Construction in Texas Escalated Risk of Virus Hospitalizations

November 12, 2020

• Airports Need Greater Flexibility Than Ever in COVID-19 Era

November 10, 2020

• Despite Pandemic, Tutor Perini Profits Grow in 2020

November 2, 2020

• China's E&C Companies Bounce Back With Pandemic Under Control

October 29, 2020

• Tell Us How Vaccines May Affect Your Workplace

October 28, 2020

• AGC Says 75% of Contractors Had Project Canceled or Postponed Due to Coronavirus

October 26, 2020

• Pandemic Causes Revamp of Construction Campaign Fund Raising

October 23, 2020

• Work Resumes on COVID-Delayed Boston Tower

October 18, 2020

• Pa. Audit Pans Gov. Tom Wolf's COVID-19 Waiver Program

October 15, 2020

• ENR 2020 Top 600 Specialty Contractors Shift Into Crisis Mode

October 14, 2020

• Design Firm CEOs Push To Rebalance COVID Instability

October 4, 2020

• Canada Unveils $7.5 Billion Project Spending Plan As New COVID-19 Stimulus

September 30, 2020

• Tech Report: New Ideas for a Strange Era

• 3Q Cost Report: Execs Believe the Downturn Will Continue Until 2021

• 3Q Cost Report: Compensation Stays Steady Despite COVID-19 Disruptions

• 3Q Cost Report: Lumber Prices Soar as Construction Begins to Recover

• 3Q Cost Report: Global Pandemic Recovery Is Underway But Remains Uneven

September 27, 2020

• Trump Order to Fast-Track Projects as Stimulus Shows Unclear Impact So Far

September 17, 2020

• Feds: More PPP Loan Fraud Charges Are Coming

September 16, 2020

• Construction’s Human Resources Specialists Become Key Agents of Change

• Online Equipment Broker Sees Demand Rise Due to COVID-19

September 8, 2020

• PPP Loan Fraud Investigators Charge Several Small Contractors

September 4, 2020

• Pace of Rebound for Construction Jobs Slows Slightly in August

September 3, 2020

• COVID-19 Turns Up The Volume on Virtual in AEC Sector Education

September 2, 2020

• Survey: Craft Workers in Short Supply Despite COVID-19 Layoffs, Project Delays

• Q&A: Komatsu America on Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

• The Evolution of an ENR Face-Covering Story

August 26, 2020

• Water Groups Call for More Funding As Way to Pull Nation out of COVID Recession

• How Data is Helping Contractors Survive the Coronavirus

August 25, 2020

• Houston Convention Center Outfits Broadcast Studio With Virus-Killing Air Filters

August 21, 2020

• COVID Pushes Costs Up for London's Crossrail Project

August 20, 2020

• 2020 Top 250 International Contractors: Struggling With COVID-19

August 19, 2020

• Rough Times for Heavy Iron During COVID-19

• Sorting the Differences in Pandemic Face Coverings

August 15, 2020

Proximity Trace Used to Monitor, Maintain Social Distancing on $1.9-Billion KCI Airport Project

August 14, 2020

• Union Specialty Contractors Urged To Seek Additional Pay for Pandemic Costs

August 12, 2020

• Cooperation Is Key in COVID-Related Site Disputes, Lawyers Say

August 11, 2020

• Study Says Popular Face Covering Could Worsen Virus Spread

August 7, 2020

Private Construction Is Down Amid COVID Crisis, Global Survey Says

July 31, 2020

• Why Contractors Say Virginia's New Virus Safety Standard Is Poor Fit

July 30, 2020

• 2020 ENR Top 20 Under 40: Pandemic Generates Uncertainty and Evolving Expectations

• Viewpoint: How COVID-19 Can Boost Your Business Development

July 29, 2020

• Air Purifiers with Filters that 'Kill' Coronavirus Are in Production

• Top 225 International Design Firms: Companies Deal With Twin Crises

• Material and Labor Cost Index Falls in July

• Mississippi River Mayors Say Revenues Down Due to Coronavirus, Forecast Lean Budgets

July 27, 2020

• Senate GOP $1T COVID-19 Relief Proposal All But Omits Infrastructure

July 21, 2020

• School Construction Could Help LA Rebound from Pandemic

July 20, 2020

• Medistar To Roll Out Air Filter That Kills Coronavirus, Say Researchers

July 17, 2020

• Airports Ponder Touchless Technology Installations In Bathrooms

July 16, 2020

• The Top 200 Environmental Firms: Pushing Past the Pandemic

July 9, 2020

• Lender Halts Chicago's 1000M Tower as Developer Seeks New Financing

July 8, 2020

• MaineDOT Accelerates Work Despite Coronavirus

July 7, 2020

• First Look at Long List of AEC Firms Receiving PPP Loans

• Real Estate Survey Predicts Office Market Will Remain in Decline

July 4, 2020

• Trump Signs Bill Extending Paycheck Protection Loan Deadline

July 1, 2020

• Health Check-In Apps Seen as Key Way to Limit Viral Outbreaks on Jobsites

• Deloitte: Contractors Can Combat COVID-19 Crisis with Resilience

• When Virus Cases Spike at Construction Jobsites

• Senate, House Approves Extension for Paycheck Protection Program Loans

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