Roundabout for Light Rail Is One of First in the U.S.

In late May, the Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority of the Phoenix metropolitan area opened a $1.9-million extension to the area’s light rail transit line. The new line extends service along Main Street from Mesa Drive to Gilbert Road in downtown Mesa. The project created the second roundabout in the U.S. to be incorporated into a light rail system at East Main Street and South Horne, says the construction manager, a joint venture of  WSP USA and PGH Wong. A joint venture between Stacy & Witbeck and Sundt is the contractor. As a train approaches the roundabout, crossing gates with flashing lights and bells will come down to block vehicles in the left lane of the roundabout. Drivers wishing to cross the light rail tracks queue in the lane. Vehicles traveling east or westbound on Main Street can continue their travel while the train is crossing through the intersection.


RTC Southern Nevada Goes All In on Infrastructure Week

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada celebrated National Infrastructure Week by hosting three events with a focus on engaging and educating stakeholders, policymakers and community members. With a theme of “Technology and Innovation: The New Infrastructure of Tomorrow,” the RTC-hosted Las Vegas events were one of only four national summits. On May 15, RTC hosted a Careers in Motion event at Texas Station Hotel and Casino that attracted more than 120 attendees and 50 vendors.  “Careers in Motion is one of the building blocks, I believe, to solving the workforce issue that the construction industry has,” says Guy Martin, president of Martin-Harris Construction. “This is bringing our needs directly to the community.