Gordian LogoDescription: An accurate cost estimate can make or break a construction project. Starting with an excellent estimate leads to smooth sailing for all stakeholders—from architects and engineers to project managers and owners. However, starting with a flawed estimate positions a project for failure. This is no secret; every construction professional understands the pitfalls of an error-laden estimate, but estimating persists as one of the industry’s most prominent challenges. This webinar reviews the steps of the estimating process and takes a detailed look at developing a thorough construction Scope of Work (SOW). Additionally, attendees will learn reliable sources of cost data and practical ways to check and validate that data to build a better estimate.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand the estimating process and how it lays the foundation for a construction project’s success
  2. Examine types of scope, what they should communicate and the details of conducting a proper SOW
  3. Explore the importance of trustworthy data when creating an estimate and where and how to access such data