The third and final segment of architect Santiago Calatrava’s Quarto Ponte sul Canal Grande (Fourth Bridge on the Grand Canal) will be barged up Venice’s Grand Canal overnight, August 7-8. The central piece and its side sections are expected to take almost seven hours to reach their final position near the city’s main railroad station. The sections will then be assembled on site August 11.

Photo: Santiago Calatrava LLC
The Quarto Ponte sul Canal Grande will provide pedestrian access between the Stazione Santa Lucia and Piazzale Roma, Venice's primary train and bus terminals.

When completed later this year, the pedestrian bridge’s steel arch will be
308 ft long with a central span of 266 ft, rising 10.5 ft above canal embankments and 30 ft above water at its midpoint. Its steps and deck will be constructed of tempered security glass and Istria stone, and its glass parapet will feature a glazed bronze handrail lined with fluorescent bulbs.

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