Citadon, an online provider of design, construction and operation tools for collaboration, launched a newly engineered version of its product called Citadon CW on Jan. 28. It has an architecture intended to enhance its ability to be integrated with other systems.

The San Francisco-based company resulted from the blending of rivals Bidcom and Cephren in October, 2000, to which each brought their invested customer bases and technologies. Part of the fusion process has been the use of a Customer Council, which includes Bechtel, Fluor, Duke Energy and GE Power Systems, to guide product development.

The new product puts an emphasis on document management flexibility and uses the XML/SOAP programming interfaces that are being taken up as standards to foster the exchange of data between various enterprise applications. Forms and workflows are customizable and either a Windows or browser-based interface is available.

The release follows a Citadon announcement Jan. 23 that it plans to target the power, oil, gas, process plant and transportation infrastructure markets.