onnecticut’s governor and attorney general responded with anger and the threat of a lawsuit to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff’s Final Environmental Impact Statement recommending approval of construction of a liquefied-natural-gas terminal in Long Island Sound. The facility, on a barge moored nine miles from Long Island and 10 miles from Connecticut, would receive and regasify up to 1 billion cu ft per day of LNG. A 22-mile pipeline would connect the terminal to the gas-transmission system under the sound. Citing “environmental conclusions that defy fact, science and common sense, as well as legal principle,” Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D) pledged to sue FERC over the proposed terminal. Broadwater Energy LLC, Riverhead, N.Y., a joint venture between TransCanada and Shell U.S. Gas and Power, estimated the cost at $700 million in 2004 but has not updated the estimate.