Five people were injured Sept. 29 in New York City when a four-ton chunk of metal dislodged from a construction crane on a high-rise building site and fell 21 stories, crushing a taxi. The cranes three operators were briefly trapped in the cab.

Photo:AP/Dima Gavrysh
New York City firefighters secured area after crane crushed a taxicab.

The accident occurred about 3:45 p.m. at Third Ave. and East 13th St. in the crowded East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Incredibly, none of the injuries was serious. Cabbie Chrislorme Paul and his fare both escaped unscathed, but the Yellow cab was totaled.

The citys Office of Emergency Management is investigating the accidents cause, said spokesman Jarrod Bernstein. Crews evacuated surrounding buildings, and closed a four-block section of Third Avenue briefly after the accident. They brought in two cranes to stabilize the faulty crane so that it could be dismantled, loaded onto a truck and removed from the scene.