Parsons Corp. has purchased RCI Construction Group, an infrastructure and equipment company based in Washington.

RCI Founder Mark Robison (Photo by RCI)

RCI, ranked 34th in ENR’s top 600 Specialty Contractors, was the largest locally owned, regional construction firm in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. Parsons, headquartered in Pasadena, Calif., announced its acquisition of the Sumner, Wash.-based company April 6. RCI specializes in water and wastewater management as well as transportation, infrastructure and industrial construction.

The companies did not disclose terms of the sale, which was a cash transaction completed in only 30 days. "It was a very clean break," says Mark Robison, founder and former sole owner of RCI.

"Parsons gains over $300 million in contracts, nearly 500 pieces of heavy equipment and 600 employees with the acquisition," says Robison. Parsons now owns 100% of RCI, but Robison retains possession of land and will lease it back to Parsons, say Parsons officials.

The purchase of RCI gives Parsons a significant presence in the Northwestern market as well as a major increase in Pacific islands manpower. "RCI has over 250 employees and 200 pieces of equipment in Hawaii alone," says Robison.

Currently more than 40% of RCI’s business is in Hawaii. "We have $175 million in contracts in Hawaii," says Andrew Albrecht, senior vice president, Parsons RCI.

Parsons bought RCI to add to their design-build capabilities and experience, says Albrecht. "RCI brings the field knowledge to the table," says Albrecht.

Mark Robison and his wife Sheri founded RCI in 1977 with $61,000. The company eventually developed two separate operating companies, RCI Construction and RCI Environment. The RCI group is still operating with relative autonomy while the details of the incorporation into Parsons are being worked out.