Now, Haestad Methods, a Waterbury Conn.-based water resources software company, has a new product called CivilStorm Dynamic 2005 that is capable of modeling entire city or county stormwater management systems. It can run what-if scenarios on system modifications and shock-load them with simulated storm situations. “We look at how their entire system is going to interact during a storm event,” says Gegg Herrin, product manager for storm and sanitary applications. Problem areas are quickly revealed in color-coded graphics.

The software is available at various levels of capacity, scaled to model everything from small developments to major cities. It can run as a stand-alone package or interface with a GIS database. It also interfaces with AutoCAD 2004-2005 and the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s SWMM runoff modeling system. Information is at www.haestad.com.

tormwater runoff management poses vexing issues for municipalities, as the resolution of one problem often shifts the trouble to a new spot downstream.