Executives of several major international construction firms July 30 announced at the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos, Switzerland, that they have established a multinational task force to develop anti-corruption standards for engineering and construction procurements around the world. The group, led by Alan Boeckmann, Chairman and CEO of Fluor Corp., Aliso Viejo, Calif., consists of seven international firms that make up WEF’s governors for Engineering & Construction E&C (see right). The group believes that strong anti-corruption policies within the E&C industry will promote the principles of transparency, accountability and responsibility for all stakeholders. "As industry leaders, we have a responsibility to ‘raise the bar’ to safeguard not only our own companies’ reputations but also that of our industry," says Boeckmann.

Task Force Members

Alan Boeckmann, CEO, Fluor Corp., U.S. Chairman

Michael Hilti, Chairman, Hilti AG, Liechtenstein

Hans-Peter Keitel, CEO, Hochtief,Germany

Samer S. Khoury, Exec. VP, Consolidated Contractors Co., Greece

Jacques Lamarre, CEO, SNC-Lavalin Group, Canada

Sir Peter Mason, CEO, AMEC, United Kingdom

Takeo Obayashi, Chairman, Obayashi Corp., Japan