...particulate matter also have decreased, as has cement kiln dust. Emissions of nitrogen oxides have risen along with manufacturing capacity. A recent change in the approved cement formula, which allows up to 5% ground limestone, will eventually result in a reduction of about 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide generation annually, predicts PCA.

The PCA code’s seven principles include implementing effective environmental controls of pollutants, seeking ways to recycle wastes as raw materials and seeking ways to participate with lawmakers and regulators in the development of rational and effective health, safety and environmental regulations.

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Silver Spring, Md., is all for the PCA effort. "If we’re using better product, it’s better for all," says Edward Herbert. NRMCA has its own fledgling green initiative called Prescription to Performance. It is pushing a performance-based approach to mix design, rather than a prescriptive approach. "This gives concrete producers latitude to use different recycled materials" yet still have the mix meet the contractor’s standards, says Herbert.


At the convention, AIA reported that its fiscal health, which began to decline in 1997 and improve in 2000, is better than projected. Last year, AIA thought it would have $4.5 million in net assets at year-end (ENR 5/19/03 p. 16). It had $5.2 million. This year, the projection is $6.2 million. By 2007, AIA expects to have $9.4 million in total net assets. "We’ve exceeded projections" by two years, said Eugene C. Hopkins, 2004 president and a senior vice president of Smithgroup Inc., Detroit.

The recovery is allowing AIA to put additional revenue toward the implementation of its strategic plan–knowledge for practitioners, advocacy for the profession, community within and without the profession, and resources to make the other three areas doable, said Douglas

L. Steidl, AIA’s 2005 president and a principal of Braun & Steidl Architects Inc., Akron, Ohio. "We’ve gotten our house in order and set the vision but we’ve gone further–we’ve started to execute the vision," said Steidl. Two examples are a rebuilt government advocacy group and funding for the local AIAs.

"It’s a new era for the components and national AIA working together for the benefit of all," he said.